Starting a Campaign

We’ve got the tools to help you make your United Way campaign stand out. Check out best practices proven to engage, excite and ultimately unite your people.

The end goal? Heightened levels of contribution dollars and participation. Use these established strategies to get the job done. Ready to get started? Ready to make your United Way corporate giving campaign stand out?

Recruit a Team
Don’t run your campaign alone. Recruit a committee of enthusiastic, resourceful and committed employees to help you plan the best possible campaign. Things to consider…

  • Involve representatives from various departments in your organization. Diversity is important, so invite individuals from groups such as marketing, human resources, accounting, and more.
  • Set up regular committee meetings and delegate responsibilities. You can ensure campaign success by creating roles such as department liaison and payroll contact, and areas of focus such as marketing/events and campaign communications, for committee members.

Lock Down the Logistics

It’s all about timing—take it from us.

  • The most effective campaigns have proven to be short and sweet, so design yours with that in mind. Kick it off and wrap it up within 2 weeks.
  • Plan ahead. It’s important to launch the campaign with a clear kickoff and wrap it up ceremoniously. These are key elements to take into consideration when establishing timing up front.
  • Set goals. United Way will help you determine the numbers. Once they are set, make sure your colleagues know what they’re working toward. We recommend focusing on participation level.

Rally the Troops
Bring people together to not only Give, but to Advocate and Volunteer as well. It’s all part of Living United.

  • Host a kickoff event. Educational meetings and events throughout your campaign get employees together— plus, they offer an element of fun and help drive engagement. It’s an opportunity to learn more about community needs and find out how to get involved. Ensure events offer employees a variety of ways to learn and understand what their contribution to United Way of Southwest Wyoming will help accomplish.
  • Promote volunteer projects. United Way of Southwest Wyoming can help organize group volunteer opportunities promoting team building. Helping Hands Day projects can be completed anytime August - October.
  • Facilitate a leadership meeting. Set a meeting designed to educate a unique segment of past contributors— those who have donated at a specific level (for example, $400 or more)—about the benefits of giving at the Landmark Society level ($500+ annually).

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.
Campaigns with great visibility encourage everyone to get involved. Here are a few ways to mix your communications up and get them the visibility they deserve.

  • Employ regular, consistent communication. Launch your campaign with creative kickoff communications— then, communicate along the way to maintain excitement and engagement.
  • Use a mixed media approach. Email, your intranet, personalized letters, pay stub inserts and United Way of Southwest Wyoming's website are all valuable elements you can use to promote your campaign. Hang posters and fliers in prominent places like lobbies, kitchens/lounges and elevators to announce United Way campaign dates and important information.

Don't Reinvent the Wheel!
Visit our Campaign Toolkit to find existing promotional and campaign materials like posters, pledge forms, video and more. United Way of Southwest Wyoming will also provide paper materials.

Wrap Things Up
Clearly signify that the campaign is officially a wrap and, while you’re at it, make sure your colleagues receive proper thanks.

  • Finalize your campaign. Publicize your campaign’s end date and ensure all pledge forms are turned in by the deadline (remind donors to keep their copy of the pledge form for tax purposes)—then place the donations in an envelope provided by United Way of Southwest Wyoming's office. In preparation for delivery or pickup:
    • Include the top copy of pledge forms and all cash and checks from one-time gifts and special events.
    • Sign the envelope verifying the amount of cash and/or checks enclosed.
    • Submit all final results to United Way of Southwest Wyoming within two weeks of your campaign’s close, allowing United Way to process donations and thank your employees in a timely manner.
  • Don’t forget to say thanks. Ensuring your employees have a positive experience is critical to reinforcing your appreciation and creating consistent donors. And, be timely with your thank-you efforts. Thank donors, employees and your campaign team in well-timed fashion at the end of the campaign.
  • Recognize specific contributions. Thank contributors for participating in the campaign with incentives such as prize drawings, a thank-you luncheon or personal letters.
  • Stay in touch with United Way. Your United Way of Southwest Wyoming contact is available year-round. Arrange quarterly face-to-face meetings to keep them up to date on what’s going on at your company and to learn how your organization’s support of United Way great.

Contact Kelly Frink at or (307) 362-5003.