Uinta County 2017 - 2018 Community Partners

Welcome to the Uinta County Community Partners page.  Each of the programs or agencies listed are currently being funded by the United Way of Southwest Wyoming.  In helping to create lasting changes in our community, the United Way collaborates with our funded community partners as well as other agencies, programs and businesses.

Evanston Youth Club for Boys & Girls
Director: Holly Slade         
Phone (307) 444-2582
Email: evanstonbgc@gmail.com
Website: www.facebook.com/theclubofevanston
     Provides a safe place, caring mentors, fun, friendship, and high-impact programs on a daily basis during critical non-school hours for youth ages 10-16.

Evanston Child Developmental Center 
Director:  Kendra L. West           
Phone:  307-789-7040                Fax:  307-789-7637
Email:  klwest@ecdcwyo.org
Website: evanstonchilddevelopmentcenter.org
     United Way funds subsidize early learning for ages birth through 5 years old.

Lincoln Self-Reliance, Uinta County Branch
Director:  Darrel Skinner
Phone:  307-885-1577      Fax: 307-885-2577
Email:  darrels@lsrservices.org
Website:  www.lsrservices.org
     Offers support to individuals with disabilities so they may achieve maximum potential for self-reliance and active participation in the community.

Lincoln Uinta Child Developmental Association
Director:  Shauna Lockwood           

Phone:  307-782-6601                    Fax:  307-782-7328
Email:  slockwood@lucda.org 
Website: www.lucda.org
     Provides early intervention services for children, ages birth through 5 years, with disabilities. United Way funding helps pay for special education teachers.
Sexual Assault and Family Violence (SAFV) of Uinta County
Director:  Monika Anson           
Phone:  307-789-3628                  Fax:  307-789-6978
Email:  director.monika@safvtaskforce.org
Website:  www.safvtaskforce.org
     Offers victims of family violence and sexual assault safe, temporary shelter, self-help support groups, crisis 
Uinta BOCES 1 Foundation
Director: Diane White
Phone:    307-789-5742 X 162       Fax:
      To foster education 
Youth Alternative Home Association
Director: Karen Fry
Phone: 307-789-1477                   Fax: 307-789-1484
Email: yaha@allwest.net
Website: yahagrouphome.webs.com
     YAHA provides short-term and crisis care as well as long term specialized treatment to youth ages 10-17. The program is designed to enhance emotional, social, eduational and physical development through individual and family treatment with strong emphasis on family involvement.