Sweetwater County 2017 - 2018 Community Partners

Welcome to the Sweetwater County Community Partners page.  Each of the programs or agencies listed are currently being funded by the United Way of Southwest Wyoming.  In helping to create lasting changes in our community, the United Way collaborates with our funded community partners as well as other agencies, programs and businesses.

Big Brothers Big Sisters- Sweetwater County Branch   
Director:  Kathy Vasa 
Phone:  307-399-9262
Email: kathy@wyobbbs.org
Website: www.wyobbbs.org
     Helps children from single parent homes meet the challenges of growing up through positive role models when matched with an adult volunteer and through activities for unmatched youths.

Boys & Girls Club of Sweetwater County
Director:  Lisa Stewart          
Phone:  307-382-2639          Fax:
Email:  bgcofsw@gmail.com
Website: bgcsweetwater.com
      To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens with a pay it forward attitude.

Food Bank of Sweetwater County
Director:  Kathy Siler
Phone:  307- 382-7332  Fax:  307- 875-9600
Email:  executivedirector@foodbankswcty.org 
Website: www.foodbankswcty.org
     Provides supplemental food for unemployed and low-income families in Sweetwater County

Sweetwater "Life RU Ready?
Coordinators: Dr. Jean Stachon or Shelley Richno
Phone:  307-382-8644
Email:  liferuready@outlook.com
     Provides safe enviornment for teens to experience the consequences of  risky behaviors. 

Sweetwater County Child Developmental Center: Social Emotional
Director: Lu Kasper
Phone:  307-875-0268 Fax:  307-875-3805
Email: kasperl@sweetwatercdcwy.org
Website: sweetwatercdcwy.org
     Provides children social, emotional, and mental health services ages birth to five years old. 

Sweetwater County Child Developmental Center: Preschool Readinesses
Director: Lu Kasper
Phone:  307-875-0268 Fax:  307-875-3805
Email: kasperl@sweetwatercdcwy.org
Website: sweetwatercdcwy.org
     Provides children developmental screenings and serves to better prepare them for future education. 

Sweetwater Family Resource Center: Family Independence 
Director:  Kathy Garrison 
Phone:  307-362-6549 Fax:  307-875-2422
Email:  sweetwaterfamily@gmail.com
     Serves families in crisis.

Sweetwater Family Resource Center: Family Visitation 
Director:  Kathy Garrison 
Phone:  307-362-6549 Fax:  307-875-2422
Email:  sweetwaterfamily@gmail.com
     Serves families in crisis with issues relating to high-conflict divorce, domestic violence, child abuse or neglect, substance abuse, conflict between parents and grandparents raising grandchildren and others. Offers supervised visits and exchanges, assistance with visitation schedules and parenting plans and mediation help.

Western Wyoming Family Health:  Sweetwater County Clinic
Director:  Amanda Stearns 
Phone:  307-362-6791 Fax:  307-362-6791
Email:  stearnsa@sweet.wy.us
     Provides affordable health screenings, family planning and other health services to low-income women.

Young At Heart Senior Center:  Early Learning Center
Director: Rachelle Morris
Phone:  307-382-0682 Fax:  307-872-3223
Email:  rachelle.morris@yahsc.com
Website:  www.youngatheartcenter.org
     Provider of employer-sponsored child care, back-up care, early education and work/life solutions.

Young At Heart Senior Center: Respite Care
Case Manager: Ryan Rust
Phone:  307-352-1285 Fax:  307-872-3223
Email:  ryan.rust@yahsc.com
Website:  www.youngatheartcenter.org
     Respite care allows the primarycaregiver to hit the "reset" button which enables them to provide care for their loved ones.

Young At Heart Senior Center:  Special Diets Program    
Director:  Daphne Palmer 
Phone:  352-6737 Fax:  307-352-6735
Email:  daphne.palmer@yahsc.com
Website:  www.youngatheartcenter.org
     Offers easy on-site and home-delivered meals to individuals who require low sodium, low fat, low sugar or other special diet meals.

Youth Home, Inc.     
Director:  David Thorne 
Phone:  307-352-6762  Fax:  872-6465
Email:  dthorne@sweetwaterhsa.com
     Provides a temporary home for victims of child neglect and abuse and youth in need of a safe place to stay while working out behavioral or attitudinal problems with parents. 

YWCA:  Financial Empowerment
Director: Melinda Bass
Phone:   307-352-6639  Fax:  307-352-6640
Email: melinda@ywcasweetwater.org
Website: ywcasweetwater.org
    Provides people with basic money management skills to provide them with the tools to be financially succsessful and stable. 

YWCA: Center for Children and Families
Director:  Aimee Gatzke
Phone:  307-352-6635, 307-872-6640 Fax:  307-352-6640 
Email:  sash@ywcasweetwater.org
Website: ywcasweetwater.org
     Offers victims of family violence and sexual assault safe, temporary shelter, self-help support groups, children's programs, transportation, crisis intervention and community education.
     Is a one stop help center for victims of all types of family violence, including domestic violence, sexual assault, child sexual assault, child abuse, stalking and elder abuse.