What the heck is a Goat-A-Gram?

Goat-A-Gram is a fundraiser for Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. Participants purchase a Gram to send a goat to the person of their choosing in Rock Springs or Green River for a half hour. The recipient can choose to keep the goat entertained during this time or pay a transfer fee to send the goat on its way.

When is this happening?
Grams are on sale now. Goats will be delivered on June 26, 2017. (Was the 14th but was rescheduled)

Are you kidding me?
If you would like to insure that you do not receive a goat you can purchase goat insurance in advance.

Those who have insurance will not receive a live goat but will get a Gram with a special message from their sender.

This sounds fun, but I don't want my boss... I mean the "recipient" to know it was from me.
We've got you covered. As the sender, for an extra donation, you can be anonymous.

Thank you to Wyoming West 4-H, the Udder Kids Club, for their help.


Send a Goat $35 Support 1 child for a year!
Anonymous $10 I don't know where that goat came from...
Transfer Fee $25 Get that goat out of here and on to its next apt.
Disclosure Fee $10 I will pay you $10 to tell me who sent this
(but we can't if they paid the anonymous fee)
Insurance  $35 No goats for me, I'm not a Kid person
Package 1 $70 Send 2 Goats and be anonymous
Package 2 $105

Send 3 Goats and be anonymous